Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park (Toll Free: 1-888-959-7712) facilitates affordable, nationwide services for embryo donation and embryo adoption.  The process includes matching donating families to adopting families, providing legal contracts, shipping of the embryos to the adopting family clinic, and counseling for both families. We work with the fertility doctors involved, and assist both families every step of the way. In short, embryo adoption is simply the adoption of frozen embryos, donated by another caring family that has remaining embryos from fertility treatments.

Couples that have undergone fertility treatments, that have more viable living embryos than are needed for their family building plans, have a dilemma of what to do with them. These embryos are frozen, (or cryopreserved), in suspended animation sometimes for many years. Embryo donation, for adoption by another family, offers an alternative to continued freezing, discarding, or donating them for medical research.

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park facilitates this entire process—matching donating families to adopting families, providing the legal contacts, arranging safe transportation of embryos, and facilitating communications between the families. We have trained social workers, and professional counseling available to assist our families with every important decision. We are also available for the families later; as children are born, to help facilitate healthy communication and relationships should families choose to have some form of contact. We have families with different kinds of communication arrangements from closed adoption, semi-open, and open adoptions. We help families with this important decision prior to the matching process.

Please enjoy our web site for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you, so we can answer all your questions! Embryo adoption is a wonderful journey. We are here to help you every step of the way!


Maria Lancaster
Executive Director
Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park
206-391-5042 Cell
425-214-4512 Office
1-888-959-7712 Toll Free
425-888-6086 Fax

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