2016 Newsletters

Jan/Feb Newsletter

  • Valentine frozen for 18 years to the day, now born!

2013 Newsletters

  • May 2013
    Miracle Boy Liam Celebrates His Due Date!
  • April 2013
    Two Sets of Twins From One Set of Embryos!
  • March 2013
    Welome baby LIAM and baby ASHER!-Esther Hope’s Story in the UK
  • Winter 2013
    King 5 News Covers a Family Story! & The Miracle Birth of Kale’a Grace

2012 Newsletters

  • May 2012
    Meet Hannah Janet! May brought us more than spring flowers!
  • April 2012
    Our EASTER BABY pics are IN! All babies adopted as embryos, now in loving families!
  • March 2012
    Julian, first born to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park, is now two years old!
  • January 2012
    Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park celebrates “The Gift of Life” movie release

2011 Newsletters

  • December 2011
    Our first “Noelle”, a baby embryo girl born to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park
  • November 2011
    Embryo adoption baby boy, sweet William, comes home for Thanksgiving dinner
  • October 2011
    Our “Jordan” has arrived, the miracle of embryo donation for adoption
  • September 2011
    Esther Hope, a frozen embryo baby girl, born for “such a time as this”
  • June 2011
    Miracle boy born after thirteen years in the freezer-adopted as a frozen embryo
  • May 2011
    A Mother’s Day Greeting to you!
  • April 2011
    Easter brings New Life to families struggling with infertility-see the faces of the babies
  • March 2011
    Happy Birthday to our newborn freezer baby twin girls, Madigan & Campbell, so cute.
  • February 2011
    Our little Valentine baby girl, Haly, adopted as a frozen embryo after 4 years in freezer!

2010 Newsletters

  • December 2010
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park
  • November 2010
    Thanksgiving for LIFE! Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park gives thanks.
  • September 2010
    Welcoming Julian and his parents to Cedar Park Church-Our first born baby boy!
  • August 2010
    IN THE NEWS King 5 News Report with Jean Enerson’s Health Link, includes VIDEO

2009 Newsletters

  • December 2009
    Christmas Message from our founder, Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten
  • November 2009
    Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park celebrates first anniversary