Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park – Fees

There are no fees for a donating family.

For adopting families:
2012 fees are $ 375.00 application fee, $4,800.00 program fee, $1,400 home study fee.

Our fees for our services include:

  • Phone consultations to discuss if embryo adoption/embryo donation for adoption placement is right for you and your family. This includes on going phone consultations during the process to answer any questions, and provide guidance.
  • Matching you with a prospective family that has embryos available.
  • Work with fertility clinics between the donating and adopting family.
  • Provide coordination for shipping of embryos to appropriate clinics.
  • Referrals to social workers and counselors if needed.
  • All legal paperwork to transfer the embryos between parties.
  • Provide a referral to a mentor family, that has gone through embryo adoption/embryo donation.
  • A closed Yahoo support group to “chat” with others going through embryo adoption / embryo donation.
  • Baby “shower” for the born babies.
  • Ongoing “freezer baby” events for socialization (not required) in Washington State (BBQ’s, Birthday Parties)
  • Keeping of permanent records for the future needs.
  • Liaison between the donating/adopting families for future contact.
  • Ongoing support for families, both donating and adopting.
  • Counseling is encouraged and available when needed for adopting and donating families through Cedar Park Counseling Network.