Freezer Babies
“This Telly Award winning video allows you to share Mark and Linda’s infertility heartache, which compels them to adopt a frozen embryo. You’ll go with Linda into the infertility clinic procedure room as the thawed embryo is transferred into Linda’s uterus. You’re there to share Linda’s fears that she is miscarrying. You will wait with Linda for the phone call that will either prove traumatic, or confirm their parenthood dreams.”

Embryo Adoption Sunday-Celebration of Our First Born
This video shows the celebration of the first born child from our embryo adoption services program at Cedar Park.

Embryo Adoption
This video depicts how embryo adoption has helped a couple build their family.

Embryo Adoption Service Gives Couple a Gift of Child
This video depicts how cutting-edge technology has given one family an answer to their prayers.

Embryo Adoption Gives New Life to Some Couples
Jeff and Maria Lancaster share their story of their daughter, Elisha, who came to them as a donated embryo.


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